May 7, 2012

HST Baby Boy Quilt

 Kona® Cotton Solids, My Blue Heaven colorstory ©

I bought this FQ stack, called My Blue Heaven, over two years ago.  Since that time I've "robbed" a couple of FQ's for other projects.  Yesterday I had a total of 18 remaining; of those I eliminated the very lightest, the ones that "read" almost white; and threw in a splash of a red print for interest..  I cut two 7" squares from each of the FQ's   I paired each of these with a 7" square of Kona White, sewed around all sides and cut on the diagonals, to make my HST's.  This is a peek at what I'll be sewing together, today.

There are a total 10 rows x 11 rows should work out to a 40" by 44" quilt.
May your bobbins always be full,

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Happy Quilting!