May 8, 2012

By The Sea Baby Quilt

One of the best commenters on this blog, Cherie, left a comment yesterday, and she inspired me to rename this quilt.  From HST Baby Boy Quilt to By The Sea Baby Quilt; I think it's a much better name, don't you?

Yesterday I finished the quilt top, and today the back.  Here's some shots.

For the back, I used all my left over strips and added the fun large polka dot, that I've used several times.  I'm almost out of this red polka dot, I'll have to keep my eye open for more.  As you can see a breeze has come up this afternoon.
May your bobbins always be full,


  1. Thank you for being inspired by my comment. The quilt looks great, I'm amazed at how quickly you finished the top and the back! =D

  2. You amaze me daily with how much you sew! I love the name change....just perfect! And I have been inspired to make the backs of my quilts more interesting.

  3. A much better name for a beautiful quilt! The back is gorgeous too :)

  4. The front and the back of this are lovely and I think Sea Baby is such a sweet name :)


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