February 2, 2012

Swoon QAL - ready for the long arm quilter

I had a lot of scraps left over from the top of the quilt.  I decided to do a couple of stripes across the back of the quilt.  When I purchased the coal kona I bought 10 yards, now I have just over a yard left!

I ended up with an error in my finished quilt top.  In all the photos I took of the individual blocks the collage and of the entire quilt top I failed to notice the error.  On the photo below, I've highlighted it.

Obviously I don't have or use photoshop, or I would have circled the problem.

I'm not upset enough to take the quilt top apart and redo block #6.
This will just be a conversation piece, if anyone ever notices.
Like my friend Jan told me when I first started quilting, "the only one who never makes a mistake is God"; and Lord knows I'm not God.

May your bobbins always be full,


  1. It is gorgeous. We all have quilts with those types of mistakes. No biggie. Who do you send it out to?

  2. This is beautiful and I this love the red and yellow one best! Don't worry about the mistake - it's all part of being hand made.

  3. I had to look for a bit to see what you were speaking of, and I like it just as it is. Believe me, I sure wouldn't take it out. Your swoon really shine in the Kona Coal, good choice!

  4. Wow... looks so great those quilts . I hope I can get one going one day... but Life is too much busy with me at the moment .. ;D - a little advice talking about photoshop ??.. I have photoshop as many other kind of graphic programs - but the very best is actually Paint Shop Pro version) - If you are able to get your hand on that version It would not cost you much and it is very easy to learn how to use - good help to read ... Great done anyway (your "circle" hehe)


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