December 17, 2011

For twins

One of my bookseller friends had twins in May, a boy and a girl.  The Dad is one of my favorite people, and I love his wife, too.  I gave them a couple of baby quilts that I had on hand, during the summer, but now I'm making the kiddos special quilts for their first birthday.  I'm making both quilts at the same time, using the same design.  This is my inspiration:

Pinned Image

That was my inspiration, but it's just a starting place.  My quilts are pretty organic, so they are really just step-children of this idea.  First I cut the "girl" fabric; then the "boy" fabric.  Then I sewed on the corners, first the "girls", then the "boys"; then I laid out the quilt centers, first the "girls", then the "boys".  Then I sewed the rows, and joined the rows, you know how it goes.  I've decided that I love them, as is, and I'm not going to add any borders.

May I present the quilt tops for the twins, drum-roll, please.

The Girl:

A close up:

pendants, dots, bikes, pencils, numbers, bees, bracelets and raindrops.

Here's The Boy

Even Boys get a close-up:

guitars, surfboards, bikes, dots, stripes, numbers cars, and the zoo.

Now, I'm off the work on the backs.  I don't think they'll be as much alike are the tops, but who knows!
May your bobbins always be full,


  1. Those turned out great Jan! I love the fabric in both.

  2. Very clever pattern - and I love the colours and fabrics on thae boy one. They'll be so pleased with them

  3. G'day Jan. Just lovely, both of them. Terrific colors. Well done. Take care. Liz...


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