November 8, 2011

Dogs Waiting at the Garden Fence is finished

We're "Animal People", here at The Prytz House.  We love 'em all, especially dogs.  We have two, Carrie has five, and Sharon has one.  A dog theme quilt is a natural.  I took these photos after sunrise, but before the sun had reached the backyard, so they're not bright; I have a busy day ahead and wanted to get this posted.

This is the back and a small close up.  The quilting was done by a long arm quilter that I don't use very often, in March she made a huge error on a commissioned quilt, my client asked for stippling and the long arm quilter used a feather pattern, on a queen quilt!  I really like this gal, and thought I'd give her this quilt to do.  She almost got it right, the pattern she used is close to the one I requested; and she didn't center the back, there should be no white showing at the top of the columns.  I'm lucky I have one other long arm quilter who I also like, and who does what I ask.

I love the quilt.  I love the fabrics I used.  It's a keeper.  The quilt measures about 43.5 inches square.

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  1. janice, this is amazing. i love the theme and colors!

  2. Beautiful Jan! It would be a keep with me as well.

  3. Yes, I'm a doggie person too and I love this. I don't know how you kept your hands off the quilter woman!

  4. Beautiful quilt and I love the doggie theme! I've got 2 of the Garden Fence quilts I really need to finish.

  5. Very lovely quilt. I really love all the colors.

    Vicki @ Quilting Lodge

  6. It is so lovely!! I can't decide if I like the front more or the back! They are both really great. It stinks that your quilter messed up, but I would have never known.
    Thanks for linking @ This Week!


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