October 12, 2011

Introducing Geoffrey and Ginny Giraffe.

Gotta love those ears!

These are the little project I've been working on, Giraffes.  I got the pattern from "More Softies, Only a Mother Could Love", (9780399535758).  This was the first time I used this book, I followed the directions exactly.  I'm lucky I'm an experienced seamstress, a beginner would have been in way over her head.  If I do this pattern again, I would change two things:

#1:  The instructions say to enlarge the pattern 200%, next time I'll go 300%.  The toy will be larger, 13-14 inches, instead of 9.25 inches, but it would be easier to get the fiber-fill up that long neck.  I had to push up quarter sized pieces, one at a time.  It was very time consuming.

#2:  I would make the braided tail first and sew it into the seam, instead of tacking it on.  I think it would be a better presentation.

Another photo of these QT's.

May your bobbins always be full,


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