September 19, 2011


  • I've done 3 tutorials, over the past several months, so I decided to create a tute-page.  I mentioned it to my blog designer daughter, and told her she didn't need to do anything until the next spruce-up campaign for my blogs because it's really not a big deal - 3 tutorials.  She was like - Let me do it now, while I have all the html and codes fresh in my head.  So, we settled on a color and I had to come up with a new F word.  I kept it simple with "Fun Tutorials".  You can see she added it to the bar at to top of all my blogs.  Carrie's smart and amazing.
  • I'm getting new quilt racks for the living room.  For some reason I blogged about it on the family blog, I guess because the wonderful and handsome Bob is involved.
  • I haven't been ordering much fabric, just trying to use what I have; but today FQS added two great lines to their 40% off page, and all my will power went out the window.  But really, $5.99 a yard for fun organics!  Can you blame me?
Fruit Punch Organic Cream Textured Circles Yardage SKU# OC8225-CreamFruit Punch Organic Multi Stripe Yardage SKU# OC8226-MultiFruit Punch Organic Multi Apples and Pears Yardage SKU# OC8228-MultiFruit Punch Organic Khaki Screen Texture Yardage SKU# OC8224-KhakiFruit Punch Organic Lime Screen Texture Yardage SKU# OC8224-LimeFruit Punch Organic Orange Screen Texture Yardage SKU# OC8224-OrangeFruit Punch Organic Turquoise Screen Texture Yardage SKU# OC8224-TurqShipyard Organic Blue Vehicles Yardage SKU# OC8222-BlueShipyard Organic White Textured Circles Yardage SKU# OC8225-WhiteShipyard Organic Grey Stripe Yardage SKU# OC8226-GreyShipyard Organic Blue Screen Texture Yardage SKU# OC8224- BlueShipyard Organic Grey Screen Texture Yardage SKU# OC8224-GreyShipyard Organic Sky Screen Texture Yardage SKU# OC8224-Sky

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  1. i was hoping that you would do this..a tutorial blog. YEA! Your your smart daughter is so smart. You guys make a pretty food team!


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