September 5, 2011


This would not be me.
I'd be more like this:

I really don't like to iron, and yet, I've become a quilter; AND quilting requires a lot of ironing.  Each and every seam should be ironed, if you care about your results.

I don't iron clothing, when making clothing purchases I lean heavily toward items that don't require ironing; because I DON'T LIKE TO IRON!  And yet, I've become a quilter.

The little rant is brought to you be the elevenity million hst's I just ironed for my Large Zig Small Zag quilt.

May your bobbins always be full,

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  1. You are so right--I'll spend all kinds of time ironing scraps of fabric and forget to press my blouse.

  2. I also hate to iron, but never complain about ironing my patchwork.

  3. Quilters never iron; just gently press. It just feels different don't you thing. Love your new blog tabs.

  4. What you need to do it find a friend that likes to quilt. I have a friend that will press the seams for me while I sew. Then in return I teach her how to quilt. A win win if you ask me!


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