May 13, 2011

Bloggers’ Quilt Festival

I've been sewing for 58 years, but have only been quilting for two.  I guess it was a natural for me, once I gave up working full time and crafting jewelry.  A girl and her daughters only need so much jewelry!

Last December a former blogger friend, Terri, from Oklahoma, I'm in California, who I keep in touch with on FB, asked if I'd make her a queen-size quilt.  I'd never made one that large before, but I said sure, as long as she wasn't in a hurry.  Via FB messages, she chose the fabric she wanted, Rue Saint Germain, and the pattern she wanted from my blog.  Below is the quilt top and bottom, on Feb 1.

Then, it was off to the long-arm quilter to do her magic.  Terri had specified stippling, and I told the quilter that I chose her to do this project because she's well known for her stippling.  In early April, I still hadn't heard from the quilter, so I gave her a call that I was going to be out of town, the last two weeks in April, and would she let me know when the quilt will be ready.  She'd had some trouble with her machine and said it'd be ready when I returned in May.  She didn't stipple the quilt, she chose a feather stitch, instead!  She offered to remove all the stitches and re-do it, but that really scared me, so I took the quilt and contacted Terri.  She was disappointed, but agreed that it was beautiful, and I was really relieved.  (I would have made her a new quilt if she hadn't taken it.)

Here's the quilt, laid out on my queen size bed:

May your bobbins always be full,


  1. Another lovely quilt! Beautiful colours that work so well in this design. The feathers look great but what a shame it wasn't your first choice.

  2. Lovely colors fabrics and pattern. Fun you did this online The world is so interesting. Thanks for another great quilt to enjoy looking at

  3. You made a beautiful quilt. Sorry about the quilting mixup. It turned out beautifully.

  4. Very pretty. How brave of you to take on a queen size. I haven't made one that big yet.

  5. The quilt is beautiful and the quilter did a beautiful job with the feathers but geez, that was a little aggrevation I probably would have struggled with.

  6. I think the feathers look great, even if it wasn't your first choice. Beautiful quilt.

  7. Great story on the quilt. I'm suprised the quilter changed up the pattern, but I have to say I think it is still very beautiful--lovely job. Lovely quilt and how nice of you to make it for a FB friend!

    Elizabeth E. #508

  8. Love this quilt. Sure is scary when things go wrong but I really like the feathers on this one. Happy stitching Chris


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