March 17, 2011

Sewing machine blues

Have I mentioned that I don't like my sewing machine?  I don't.  I purchased it when we downsized to our retirement home, here in Murrieta.  I've sewn since I was 8, but wasn't sewing anymore, in 1998, when we moved.  I got rid of my old desk type sewing machine but knew I wanted to have a machine of some sort at the new house.  I think I only used it once or twice, until June of 2009, when I decided to take up quilting.  My poor little Brother XR40 sewing machine has really gotten a workout.

She's too small for what I want to do; but I make do.  She's impossible to clean, not designed for the owner to clean; all the dust that sewing on cottons produces just clogs her insides.  Every 6 months or so I have to take her to the sewing machine repair man, and have him open her up and remove the detritus of sewing.

Here she is, on Tuesday, when I strapped her in for yet another trip the the sewing machine repairman.  I'm on my way to pick her up, now.

I really need a new machine, but every time I sit down to do some research, I get  confused by all the choices.  Any recommendations would be welcome.  What do you sew with.
May your bobbins always be full,

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  1. Hi - I am puzzled about your machine needing cleaned out so often, looked up your location, does this have any impact? I know lots of quilting and batting produces lots of lint etc but you should be able to unscrew the needleplate and clean out the bobbin case? Anyway, I love my Husqvarna Lily but she is 9yrs old and showing some signs of tiredness, I work with Janome and know lots of happy owners and then of course lots of people wouldn't go past a Bernina - it's a minefield, take time and make a list of all the features you want from a machine. Sorry to prattle on........


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