March 9, 2011

The Check's in the Mail Quilt.

This quilt started out as a sample quilt,  I had an idea I thought would work great for a commissioned quilt which isn't going to happen.  Why, you ask, because the gal, "C", who contacted me hasn't managed to send the 50% deposit.  It's been over a month, so the Sample Quilt has been renamed The Check's in the Mail Quilt.  The colors she wanted were deep red, green and brown in a large Queen size, and I thought this pattern would be great with those colors and work well with the size.

For the back I did a simple zig zag with leftover strips.  Now, I'll wait for the long arm quilter to work her magic.  (I have a hunch that "C" is going to contact me in 4 or 5 months wondering where her quilt is.)

May your bobbins always be full,

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