February 23, 2011

Sample quilt.

Two weeks have passed since I was contacted via FB to make a (this is the second one) commissioned quilt.  I was very excited.  We worked out the details, and she she agreed to my terms, 50% deposit, due date in 5-6 months.  Her color choices were challenging, for me; brown, green and deep red, but hey, I'm creative.  She wants a traditional design in a large Queen size.  She doesn't want to be involved in fabric selection or design choice.

I search the internet for a fabric collection that would fit these colors, no luck.  While busy with other things my mind kept busy about this project.  When I was working full time, running businesses, I frequently solved problems while I slept.  I woke up one morning with a design in my head that I'm sure would work great with these colors.

I'm making a smaller version, from supplies on hand.  I have a Robert Kaufman White Roll-up and a French Hatbox Design Roll, each with 21 strips of fabric; about half of what I would need for a queen sized quilt, I think.

I'm flying blind on this, because the pattern is in my head; this sample quilt will tell me if the design will work.  In the mean time, I've received no check for a deposit.  I contacted her, regarding the lack of a check and her excuse was a sick dog.  If the check never comes, at least I'll have a new quilt pattern.

Here's my progress, so far:

I'll keep you posted, on the check and on my progress.
May your bobbins always be full,

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