February 1, 2011

Problem solving.

I initially posted about this here, at the family blog.  It turns out my bookseller friend had a hard time deciphering the pattern I gave her.  We chatted on FB and that didn't resolve the problem.  This morning I re-wrote the Robin and Marilyn's instructions, and messaged them to her via FB.  I hope this works.  What she really wants is some one to babysit her, in person, for each step.  I'm so busy I can't do that, I hope this works.  Are the instructions clear to you?

Simple Rail Quilt Top

Please read all instructions before beginning.
Use a .25” seam allowance.
Trim all selvages before beginning
This pattern does not work well with directional fabric

Cutting Instructions
From each fabric, cut (6) six inch wide strips.  You will have (6) strips that are 6” x 36”, for each color.

Determine the focus fabric.  That will be the middle strip in each fabric set.  Label the fabrics, A, B, C.  B will be the focus fabric and A and C will be the coordinating fabrics.
Sew together 6 identical strip sets with the focus fabric in the center and a coordinating fabric on each side.  Each strip set will be 17” x 36 “.
Press all seams the same direction, toward fabric A.
Now, you’re ready for more cutting.  Cut each strip set into (2) 17” blocks.  (You’ll have (12) identical blocks that are 17” x 17”, and (6) 2” x 17” leftovers, you can use on the backing, if you want.)
Arrange the 17” inch blocks, in 4 rows of 3 blocks; the rows will not be identical.  In rows 1 and 3, have fabric A on the left.  In rows 2 and 4, have fabric A on the right.
Sew, using .25” seams, the blocks in each row together.  Press seams toward fabric A.
Sew the rows together.
Your quilt top is finished.

May your bobbins always be full,

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