February 5, 2011

Fabric Diet

I actually purchased some fabric this week; the first personal purchase since November 1.  This is the fabric:

Look of Love

I got it from Material Girls.  It arrived, straight away, and I was in for a surprise, the guys were very large!  I had planned to make pillowcases, so I proceeded.  I used this great tutorial (here).  The tutorial was super easy and the pillow cases turned out great.

The best things about the finished product, is no edges to fray, they're all enclosed.  How cleaver is that.

 You may be wondering why I made these.  I have two wonderful daughters, one very married and one very single. I'm giving one of these to my single daughter, the other will go in the shop; I didn't think my son-in-law would appreciate the humor, if I sent one to his wife.  Instead she's getting a custom necklace.

Fabric Diet Challenge

Visit Angela from Cut To Pieces to see how everyone else did.
May your bobbins always be full,

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