January 6, 2011

Tooth Fairy Pillow

I teach Tai Chi on Tuesday and Thursday in the late afternoon, and Bob and I play either cards or dominoes Tuesday and Thursday evening.  It's become our habit to grab a quick bite to eat, after class.  I like this habit, I don't have to rush home a put dinner together, and clean up, before hosting at our home, or rushing off to friends homes, to start playing games at 6:30.

One of the nearby places we go is a local gourmet fast-food restaurant, Tom's Mega Burger.  For years, we've gone there a couple times a month, and we know and chat with the friendly staff.  One of the staff members is a single mother and she told us Tuesday night that her daughter, age 5 1/2 has lost her first tooth; plus she has another one loose.

I went through my scraps this morning and made a Mermaid Tooth Fairy Pillow to bring the next time we go to Tom's.  The pocket is a little large, but I wanted to show-case the mermaids on it, perhaps the Tooth Fairy  will fill it up.

If you need a chuckle today, watch my favorite Tooth Fairy video.

May your bobbins always be full,

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  1. What a sweet thing to do!! BTW love your..... may your bobbins be full....signature!


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