November 12, 2010

Oh, bother

I've decided to make some scrappy quilts, to use up some of the scraps I've accumulated over the past 18 months that I've been quilting.  When I had a free minute, the past couple of days I cut 5 inch squares.  I cut a lot of them, but was still surprised at the number of fabrics that were too small to yield 5 of the squares.  Today I started laying out this Plus quilt on the dining room table, it soon became apparent that even with improvising, it wasn't going to work.

I made an executive decision and taped a flannel back vinyl table cloth over/in front of the closet in the guest room.  It worked great.  This is the layout I came up with.

I took a couple of photos, walked away, and the whole shebang fell!  Oh, bother. So I had to start over.  I laid the tablecloth on top of the guest bed, the bed wasn't quite big enough, but I made it work.  Now, the layout is a bit different, and I'm slowly pinning the rows together.  At the San Diego Quilt Show this year I saw a vanishing design wall, today, I really wish I'd gotten one.  Soon, very soon.

Keep on stitchin',

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