October 12, 2010

Charmed Plaid Quilt

This is my latest creation, it's ready to go to the long-arm quilter.


My friend Jan asked for the pattern, so I wrote a tutorial, if you're interested.

Charmed Plaid Quilt Top


Please read all instructions before beginning.
Use a .25” seam allowance.
WOF is assumed to be 40”.

Label your cut pieces.

108 assorted 5 x 5” squares or 3 charm packs
4 coordinating or contrasting fabrics 1/4 yard each – for the accent/plaid lines.
You’ll need extra fabric for backing and binding.

Cutting Instructions

Choose 2 accent line fabrics to be horizontal accent lines, cut (4) strips 1.25” x WOF from each.  One will be the top accent line - A, and one will be the bottom accent line - B.

The 2 remaining accent line fabrics will be for the vertical accent lines, cut (4) strips 1.25” x WOF from each.  One will be the right accent line - C and one will be the left accent line - D.

Note:  You can make these strips as narrow as 1.25” or as wide as 2”.


1 On a work table or design wall, arrange the 5 x 5” charm squares into a pleasing pattern of nine-patch blocks, 3 blocks across and 4 down, for a total of 12 nine patch blocks. 
Keep in mind that the center of each nine-patch block will be a focus square.  (You will not run an accent line through it.)  Step back and analyze the final layout for color and balance before sewing the each nine patch together.

Note: if you are using charm packs, there will be 18 left over squares; you can use these on the back, or for other purposes.
2 Join the 5 x 5” charms into nine-patch blocks, press the seams open.  This will help when putting in the plaid lines.  Take a second look at your layout, to make sure you’re still pleased with it.  Join each row of three nine-patch blocks together.  Continue to press all the seams open.  First, you will be working with these 4 separate rows, just to keep it simple.

3 Working on the top row of nine-patch blocks; establish a cutting line for the top accent line, cut.  (I did this by looking at the reverse side, matching the top and bottom edges of the charms in the top row, and pressing.  This gave me a line that was right across the middle of those 9 charm squares in the top row.)  



Attach accent strip A to the top piece; then attach the bottom piece, rejoining the two halves.  This time, press both pieces toward the accent stip.  Repeat with the other 3 rows of nine-patch blocks.


4 Repeat Step 4, inserting accent strip B into the bottom row of charms on all four rows of nine-patch blocks.

5 You now have 4 rows of nine-patch blocks, with horizontal accent lines inserted.  Join rows 1 and 2; and join rows 3 and 4. 

6 Join the C accent strips into one long strip. Repeat for the D accent strips.

7 Starting with the left row of charms in the upper nine-patch block section, (rows 1 and 2), establish a vertical cutting line for inserting accent strip C, cut.  Sew accent strip C to the middle, rejoining the two halves.  Count over to charm row 4, or the first charm row of nine-patch block 2, and repeat.  Then repeat on the 7th row of charms, or the first charm row of nine-patch block 3.  Press the seams toward the accent strip.


8 Insert vertical accent strip D into the right charm row of each nine-patch block; that is, charm rows 3, 6, and 9.

9 Repeat Steps 7 and 8 for the lower nine patch-block section, (rows 3 and 4). 

10 Join the upper and lower nine-patch block sections, Press the seam open.  The quilt top is now finished.

This was my first version, and the backing.  I varied the width of the accent lines on this one made with Lumiere de Noel, and I've decided it looks great either way.


  1. You have been busy. These quilts are beautiful. Great design and excellent tutorial. I think you are a budding quilt designer who is going to go places. This really should be on ModaBakeshop!


  2. I love the red quilt. I am so impressed. Just think you might turn this into some new career. Thanks for sharing!


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