May 15, 2010

My Quilt blog

May, 2010 - I've decided to chronicle my finished quilts. I started quilting in June, 2009, and have never kept track of how many I've made. I'm going to attempt to post the photos of the past 11 months, and start posting the new quilts as I've finished.  Plus I may throw in other quilt related tidbits.


  1. Great idea. You are a very talented and prolific quilter. It's a joy to see them here. I will share these with my mother the next time she comes to visit.

  2. How many did you make? Di you use them or for display?

  3. I love your quilts. Simple yet striking.

  4. Your quilts are beautiful! I can help but wonder how you have time with all the other things you do.


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