February 10, 2010


I signed on with Victoria of Bumble Beans, to contribute some "house blocks" for a charity quilt. I am very excited to do this, my first time sending something off to be part of a big project.

I don't have a project board, or wall, so I used chair cushions to lay these out. It worked fine.

I made 4, planning on sending 2 and keeping 2; good planning on my part,

the two bottom houses are "odd". They're staying at the Prytz House, we're odd, here.

My supervisor, Lizzie.

I don't remember where I copied this graphic, but I love it.
I forgot to say, the roof and house parts of these squares were made from "gift" fabric, sent to me by the fabulous Ann, of Film and Thread. She's one of my Monday Book Give Away winners. Isn't that cool, fabric being gifted and put to use, for good.

May your bobbins always be full,

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