2015 Mystery Quilt Along with Pat Sloan

Go ahead, call me crazy.  I've decided to do another QAL.  I joined Pat Sloan's FB QAL.  Because of my care giving responsibilities, I've had very little stitching time.  Bob is in the hospital, now, with kidney problems.  I'm really attracted to this group on FB, they seem to be a great bunch of gals and guys; both newbies and experienced.

I've decided to go scrappy, and I pulled these large fabric scraps, I think they all go together really well.

The link to the instructions are on the FB page, if you're interested.  I really love how this turned out.  #‎PatSloan2015Mystery‬
May your bobbins always be full,

I'm officially caught up!

I still have a long list of quilts I want to make, but today I caught up on the San Diego MQG Vintage Quilt Revival QAL.

This is the November Block, Mosaic Number 19.  It goes along with the other November Block, Red Cross, below.

There were NO blocks for December, which was a very good thing, for me.  And January has only one block.  I think Chris Broehmer, the gal who ororganized this QAL, is very smart.  One block this month is great for me.  I'm hoping to stay current from now on.

This is the Mayflower Block for January.  This was definitely the easiest paper pieced block of the group; plus I'm starting to think I may know what I'm doing.
May your bobbins always be full,

SDMQG Vintage Quilt Revival QAL ~ November Block ~ Red Cross

This is called "Classic Red Cross Block".  It is a paper-pieced block, it's not perfect, but I really love how it turned out.  I'm trying to keep my blocks for the QAL, very modern.

We're having some much needed rain, so my photos were all taken inside.  Since I've become Bob's caregiver, I've lost some of  my quilting time. I'm going to catch up this month, I hope!

This is Ben, waiting for me to finish, so I can take him and Frisco for a walk in the rain.
May your bobbins always be full,

Buzzsaw Beauty Quilt Top

It's taken awhile, but this Large Buzzsaw Quilt Top is finished.  It measures 67" x 67".  I'm really happy with the end result, but I need to decide on the back for this and the smaller Light Buzzsaw Quilt Top.

I'm hoping to get these two to the LAQ, this week.

May your bobbins always be full,

Light Buzzsaw Quilt Top finished

It's so interesting how different the blues look in different lighting.  The top photo, taken in natural light is the best representation of the true colors.  The quilt top is about 39 inches square, I'm thinking this will be a good size for a baby quilt.  Now, I'm going to put the borders on the other Buzzsaw quilt top.  OK, not now, maybe tomorrow; now I need to walk the dogs and think about dinner.
May your bobbins always be full,

Wrap Up Collage

I know everyone does these year end wrap-ups, or collages; but I really enjoy doing them.  I know they're boring; however this collage makes me feel good.  Two of these quilts will be in a magazine next year, and I've submitted two more.  Fifteen quilts in 2014, nineteen in 2013, sixteen in 2012, twenty in 2011, twenty-four in 2010, wonder how many next year!

In 2014, I hope you…

I promise to make mistakes, again, next year.
May your bobbins always be full,

Simply Woven Quilt is finished

The push has been on!  I really wanted to get the bindings on three quilts before 2015 arrives, and I've done it.  This quilt is the final finish of 2014.  Most of my quilts are originals, made without a pattern, this one was an exception, the Moda Bake Shop tutorial was wonderful to follow.

Front, back and the quilting, and YES, we had snow overnight, right here in Murrieta.  It's after 1 PM, the snow is melting, but it's still here.  Great fun for SoCal people.  We got a light dusting about ten years ago, and when I was a little girl about 65 years ago, we had snow in Long Beach.

Name of Quilt:  Simply Woven
Start Date:  July 6, 2014
Finish Date:  December 31, 2014
Measurements: 59" x 59"

May your bobbins always be full,
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